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S&C 🧩 Transforming the Way We Teach

April 28, 2023 at 6:00 PM 8:00 PM (COL)

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Words like evolution, revolution, acceleration and change are often used to refer to what is happening and emerging in the (re)design of education. These days, hybrid practices and virtual practices involve the demolition of what we used to know as “normal” and with these forms the “old” model is being seriously questioned. Given these new scenarios in Education, it should be noted that “Pre-pandemic Education” refers to an idea connected with exhausted practices and to models to which we do not want to return. In order to recognize what is emerging today, we are forced to look at it from a complex perspective. With technological advances, the immersion in virtual and augmented reality on the one side, and the threatening issues that our world faces every day on the other side, we, the educators, need to start leaving content aside and start raising awareness on what lies ahead. We urgently need to create new models of work and give a collective meaning to action. There is no doubt all this leads to the configuration of new emerging teachings in all aspects. This workshop will show what must be done right now to be part of the change.

Marcela Alejandra Villán qualified as a Teacher of English in Argentina in 1996. She got a TESOL certification some years later. She is a passionate life long learner and at present, she holds several diplomas: Diploma in School Management in NeuroSciences and Leadership, in Socio Emotional Learning, in Education Technology, in Environmental Education and Global Citizenship and a Bachelor in English Language. She has worked in the field for more than 30 years, preparing a great number of students for all kinds of Cambridge examinations. She has been a London University and Oxford University Examiner as well and has also worked
extensively with Anglia University.

At the moment, she teaches Environmental Sciences and Global Perspectives in a bilingual school in Buenos Aires, where she lives. She is also a teacher trainer. Marcela supports the United Nations 2030 Agenda. She firmly believes in its inclusion in the classrooms. She is a TeachSDGs ambassador and a Global Schools advocate and works for different organizations trying to connect teachers and students around the World to take action towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

This event is free

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