We’re an English language teacher community. This community gathers in-service and pre-service teachers from Latin American educational contexts.

Our activities since 2021 have focused on organizing online events to share knowledge and network. You are welcome to participate in our events, collaborate and make your voice be heard as a language educator.

The Nartesol BOD is made up of a President, a Vice-President, two Events Coordinators, and a Content Coordinator. The current talent on these positions are all alumni from Universidad de Nariño, Colombia.

Get to know each director in the table below. If you have questions regarding Nartesol, the BOD or if you want to be part of the organizing team, contact us at hello@nartesol.org

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Santiago Gustin


Pasto, Colombia

Cristina Tobar


Pasto, Colombia

Edward Enríquez

Events Coordinator

Pasto, Colombia

Araly Rodríguez

Events Coordinator

Pasto, Colombia

Gabriel Bastidas

Content Coordinator

Pasto, Colombia

Santiago is a language teacher with experience teaching English and Spanish as foreign languages. He graduated from Universidad de Nariño with a BA in English and French and holds an MA in TESOL from Portland State University. He was a recipient of the Fulbright Scholarship for Colombian English Teachers in 2015.

“As the President of Nariño Tesol Network, I intend to work for the benefit of underrepresented English language teachers in my home region, and to connect professionals with the right resources, programs and opportunities to advance in their careers.”

Cristina is an EFL educator with teaching experience in the public and private sectors. She holds a BA in English and French from Universidad de Nariño and an MA in Pedagogy from Universidad Mariana. Her interests are languages and foreign cultures.

“As the Vice-President of Nariño Tesol Network, I aim to work towards network opportunities and professional development in the field of English Language Teaching in order to contribute to the teaching practices and to future educators in our region.”

Edward Enríquez holds a BA in English & French and an MA (c) in TESFL at Universidad de Nariño. He has vast experience as an English teacher and as a teacher educator. Currently, he is a part-time teacher at Universidad de Nariño and participates as the Program Coordinator in the Nariño Tesol Network Community. Over the years, he has been a presenter in different national and international seminars.  When he is not in the classroom he loves cycling and cooking for his wife and friends.

“Being part of this team, I aim to provide former and novice English teachers with spaces where they can discuss the latest teaching trends with a selected group of speakers, while they share their own teaching experiences. I want to offer participants opportunities to develop professionally by giving them tools to face the current issues in teaching EFL in Colombia.”

Araly is a language teacher graduated from Universidad de Nariño. She holds a BA in English and French, and she is finishing her MA in English Didactics from Universidad de Caldas. She has been teaching English for more than seven years in public and private institutions. She is currently working as an English teacher at Centro Colombo Americano in Manizales. Apart from teaching, she enjoys dancing and traveling.

“As one of the Program Coordinators, I intend to help this team organize different events where teachers can share their knowledge and learn new things from each other. Additionally, my goal is to enhance the professional development opportunities in our region in order to get better professionals.”

Gabriel is an EFL educator from Pasto, Nariño. He holds a BA in English and French from Universidad de Nariño, and an MA in Bilingual Education from Universidad Pablo de Olavide. He has been teaching English since 2014 in private and public institutions, and has been a member of the GICIL research group since 2016.

“I joined the team as the Executive Assistant to contribute to Nartesol’s ambitious project that benefits local English language teachers. It has been a hard-working process, but it’s rewarding to see that this small teacher community has grown. Now, as Nartesol’s Content Coordinator, I want to keep working on the development of this project and the strengthening of this network.”

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